Eutility team

Our team has a track record of delivering award-winning customer service

Shaun O'Hare


Eutility owner and founder is Shaun O’Hare who currently holds the title, Executive Director.

Shaun was responsible for altering the company structure from the family business, formally known as Professional Energy Services, providing a solid basis for delivering service to Australian corporates.

During the difficult years of Australia's privatisation of the energy and telecommunications market, a business model was created allowing individual corporations to access economies of scale allowing for significant savings to be realised.

Clynton Higgs

Chief Executive Officer

Clynton has been CEO of Eutility since January 2015, after 12 years in Singapore most recently at IndigoVison PLC as the Regional Director / Managing Director for Asia Pacific and China (APAC).

Clynton previously held Managing Director, CEO and General Management positions in Technology Companies in APAC and has over 20 years’ experience of leading sustainable new business growth in complex, fast-paced and competitive markets throughout APAC.

Neil Gifford

General Manager, SmartProcure Services

Neil served his first 19 years in the Energy Industry working for Southern Electric a leading energy retailer in the UK. Neil then joined Eutility UK as General Manager (previously known as Professional Energy Services), before transferring to Australia in 2011.

The experience and knowledge Neil obtained over this period provides sound benefits for clients in what is an ever changing and challenging market.

Alexandra Hughes

Service Team Manager

Alexandra is a highly ambitious and motivated person with over 10 years’ experience within the energy procurement industry in both the UK and Australia. She has vast knowledge of the energy retail sector as well as very strong relationship and account management expertise.

Alexandra joined Eutility in 2009 when she relocated to Australia from the UK. She has proven to have excellent relationship and account management skills specialising in the large multi-site and franchisee sectors.

Sara Marks

Finance & Human Resources

Sara serves as Eutility’s Financial Controller and is responsible for the management of the company’s Finance and Human Resources functions.

Sara joined Eutility in October 2015 with international experience as a commercial qualified accountant.

Prior to joining Eutility, she has worked in senior finance roles in investment and merchant banking, financial services, advertising and media along with consulting to companies reviewing financial and HR systems, staffing and efficiencies.

Carmel Corcoran

General Manager, SmartEnergy Services

Carmel has more than 18 years’ experience in energy and environmental management. With experience in public and private sectors Carmel is passionate about working across both these sectors enabling business to control cost and usage performance across their portfolio.

Holding Honours and Master Degrees in Environmental Science and Management, Carmel’s areas of expertise include energy strategy and planning, metering solutions, data analysis and performance analytics. Leading a specialist team of engineers and data analysts enables Eutility and the SmartEnergy Team to deliver solutions for cost effective energy management solutions.

Nicole Sanderson

National Energy Consultant

Nicole’s extensive background in energy markets commenced at Energy Australia where she lead a large Team who pioneered the company's foray into the newly deregulated energy market.

Prior to this Nicole had a long term career with Commonwealth Bank of Australia in financial markets and the switch to energy derivatives was an extension of this expertise.

After mastering the energy retail market, she was offered a position from Energy Action as a regional business development manager and rapidly became the leading energy strategist including acting in the National Sales Directors position. She saw the company through its IPO.

Nicole says that it was not until she commenced with Eutility that she was fully able to reach her true potential. Trail blazing emerging markets of renewable energy solutions, corporate PPA’s, progressive energy purchasing, demand side management and multi-location bulk invoice processing.

Nicole is now recognised as a preeminent expert in the national energy market and is now responsible for a national team with Eutility as our Chief Energy Strategist.