control: digital signage

Eutility helps you take control of your digital signage initiatives - from planning and tender management through to rollout and ongoing cost management

Eutility provides a comprehensive digital signage management service controlling all aspects of your digital signage rollout

Digital signage is a specialised form of delivering video or multimedia content in public locations for informational or advertising purposes.

Implementing a successful, cost-effective digital signage initiative requires a level of expertise that not all organizations have at their disposal. As with any business strategy, digital signage requires time, planning and expertise to implement. You need to be sure of what your ultimate goals are and how they will be accomplished. And as with any business cost, the return on investment should be fully considered.

Digital signage presents many challenges, especially when organizations need to target a range of media types across a number of locations.

This is where Eutility can help. Eutility can provide you with a comprehensive end-to-end service managing all aspects of your digital signage rollout including:

  • Formulation of a comprehensive plan
  • Digital signage tender management
  • Installation and rollout management

Some of Our Clients

Eutility provides expertise to over 12,000 corporate locations - with hundreds of client offers, quotations and contracts negotiated by us. Our knowledge enables us to negotiate and maximize savings for you.

The benefits of Eutility's digital signage solutions

Formulation of a comprehensive plan

You need to be sure of what your ultimate goals are, how they will be accomplished and what your return on investment should be. Eutility plans against expected outcomes including:

  • Expected outcomes
  • Number of displays
  • Display size
  • Content
  • Expected budget
  • Rollout
Digital signage tender management

This is where our strength lies - with hundreds of current prices, quotes offers and contracts in our tender bank from similar clients. All requirements are managed including:

  • Hardware and infrastructure
  • Connectivity
  • Content management and media player
  • Architectural deployment and project management
  • Business Return on investment and revenue
Installation and rollout management

Eutility can manage the entire process for you to ensure the best possible solution is achieved - at the most competitive price, including:

  • Trades people
  • Installation
  • Hardware delivery
  • Timeframes