control: telecommunication invoice validation

We uncover credits on 45% of tier one carrier invoices and in many cases even retrospective credits!

Let us take control and make it easy for you. That's all we do. That's why we are so good at it!

SmartAnalysisTM delivers the control you need to manage your telecom usage and costs

Telecommunication costs form a substantial portion of your company's expenses. Controlling invoice verification and contract compliance is complex - requiring expertise, time, resources and budget.

So, let Eutility manage and optimise your telecom expenses. We do the hard work whilst ensuring you retain control and visibility throughout the process - and our payment is by way of performance.

Since 1979 Eutility has provided a suite of energy and telecommunications cost management solutions to over 2,500 large-market corporate and industrial customers.

We have replicated our leading SmartViewTM energy cost management service to deliver our clients a comprehensive telecommunications management and help desk service. Eutility's telecom help desk and software solution is designed to optimize the efficiency and overall cost of your company's telecommunication infrastructure.

Line-by-line invoice verification and contract compliance

Apart from our standard telecom tendering and procurement services, Eutility will undertake a line-by-line invoice verification and contract compliance process comparing your service and costs against your service contract. We typically discover an incredible variance in several keys areas, including but not limited to:

  • Removal of redundant fixed line and mobile services
  • Ensure all service and equipment being charged is required and being utilised
  • Data pooling not being applied across the entire fleet of mobiles
  • Reduction in roaming charges by utilising specific bolt-ons and roaming plans to reduce costs
  • Ensure no excess data usage is occurring
  • Verification into tech and loyalty funds and correct application of credits versus contract
  • Ensuring all additional services connected after contract are in fact on the contract rate

Want to take the next step to finding telecom cost savings?

Your next step to finding telecom cost savings is easy.

All we require is access to your last month's telecommunications account via a simple authority form that we send to you. In addition, we require a copy of your existing contract to verify that all charges comply with the terms and conditions specified.

We will then run your invoice(s) through our software and uncover any potential overcharges and deliver you an overcharge verification report.

Eutility will take control. We contact your service provider and ensure any credits due to your company are implemented promptly.

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