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Solar procurement and management

Eutility delivers robust solar solutions with best available pricing

The procurement of solar energy solutions can be an extremely complicated process.

Focussed on delivering effective solutions to enable our clients to manage power costs, Eutility has created a service which delivers robust solar solutions with best available pricing consistent with good service and quality equipment.

Best available pricing

Clients frequently ask whether quotes from solar providers are good or not. Often it can be difficult to answer that question as the metrics may vary, some details may be undisclosed - and therefore one may not be comparing apples to apples.

We developed a system for benchmarking solar proposals to provide a balanced comparison and procurement tool. The proposals process provides an in depth report from all suppliers and distils this into a summary which clearly compares each proposal and allows you to make an informed and easy decision on your choice of solar provider.

Eutility has now delivered solar procurement reports for a diverse range of clients across Australia.

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Eutility's procurement process reviews

Our procurement process reviews include the following characteristics of a solar proposal:

Solar System
  • System size
  • Energy yield
  • Mounting
  • Performance parameters
  • Components
  • IRR
  • NPV
  • Payback period
  • Cashflow
  • Annual savings
  • Cost of system
  • Generation Output
  • Components
  • Labour
  • Generation
  • Export to grid
  • Decline in performance

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