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Coalition vows to 'take control of energy costs' with new power plant

Coalition vows to 'take control of energy costs' with new power plant

Victoria could get a new power station using gas or coal to meet the electricity needs of government services, including hospitals and public transport – with a knock-on effect of shaving $350 off the average household bill – if the Coalition wins the state election.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy has promised to release a tender for a 500-megawatt power station that could be built within two years.

The Coalition announced the privately-owned power station may include hydro, wind, solar, gas or coal power, which would be determined by the tender process. The station could include a combination of those sources.

“We are going to get back control of energy costs in Victoria,” Mr Guy told reporters.

The Opposition Leader promised to take “direct action” to lower Victorians’ energy bills, estimating the new power station would deliver savings of $350 for the average household.

He said the bids would be assessed on cost, speed of delivery and environmental concerns. The latest promise from the Coalition comes after the Andrews government announced last week it would increase Victoria’s renewable energy target to 50 per cent by 2030 if it wins the election on November 24.

The Coalition has pledged to scrap the renewable energy target for Victoria.

Opposition energy spokesman David Southwick said independent modelling for the project was based on a gas-fired power station.

“We believe we can get a new power station into the market within a couple of years,” he said.

Mr Southwick said the modelling assumed the Yallourn power station would be closed within two years although current estimates indicate that will happen in 2032.

Mr Southwick promised there would be no taxpayer money used to fund the facility. He said the Latrobe Valley was the ideal place for a new power station to be operating given power generation infrastructure was already in place.

“That’s been the home of cheap and reliable power for decades.”

Mr Southwick said power prices would come down under a Coalition government.

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