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Victorian power demand hits two-year high

Victorian power demand hits two-year high

Demand for Victoria’s power soared to its highest peak in two years as the state sweltered through blistering heat on Friday.

Data shows demand hit 9000MW at about 5pm on Friday as Victorians attempted to beat the heat.

It was marginally higher than Thursday’s demand peak, which reached about 8975MW at 7pm.

It was the highest peak recorded since the summer heatwaves of 2014-15.

Data from last week shows power demand followed the temperature as it rose on Thursday, peaking about 7pm when Melbourne’s heat hovered around 39C.

It eased until 4am the next morning then began to climb.

The Australian Energy Market Operator activated reserve contracts on Friday to add extra power to the grid and called on heavy users to pare back their consumption.

AEMO chief Audrey Zibelman said an “operating buffer”, created and bolstered by the contracts, helped manage unforeseen incidents.

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